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CR330 card

CR330 receiving card is a high-end small size design launched by CHROMALED, which supports various small cabinets and reduces cabinet space Occupancy rate. In addition, the receiving card supports high-precision correction and up to 12-bit color processing depth, and the display screen has more delicate colors and richer colors.Steps to improve visual effects.The CR330 receiving card has a dual-card dual-power backup system to ensure the stability and reliability of the system and ensure that the screen body can Intermittent operation.

Functional characteristics Specification parameter Data download
    • Single card supports 32 sets of parallel data and 64 sets of serial data;

    • Single card loaded pixel is 512×512;

    • The light board Flash can store the correction factor and the light board information;

    • Support conventional chips to achieve high refresh, high gray scale, high brightness;

    • Support configuration files, project files to read back;

    • Support temperature, humidity, network cable communication status and other aspects of monitoring;

    • Support power supply voltage, LED light status check detection;

    • Support point by point high precision bright chromaticity correction;

    • Support display brightness and dark line gap adjustment;

    • Support receiving card prestored screen settings;

    • Support multiple hot backup functions such as dual network cable backup and dual power backup;

    • Compliance with EU RoHS standards;

    • Support dual card backup, dual power backup;

    • Support arbitrary screen sampling, data offset, can achieve any creative screen customization;

    • Supports HDR10 standard, which can achieve greater brightness dynamic range;