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LED Screen Platform System

LED Screen Platform(V2.5.1Beta25) control software is a module that integrates multiple LED display settings and control, including system master control information, screen brightness, screen screen, screen monitoring, screen gap, screen correction, screen settings and other modules. Centralized management of multiple LED control system projects, equipment component management, can quickly and accurately build LED display control system, daily control and adjustment of LED display, lock screen unlocking, image enhanced display, brightness, color temperature, Output display adjustment such as gamma, contrast, saturation, sharpening, etc.

Functional characteristics Specification parameter Data download
    • Support pre-set timing switch screen, timing brightness adjustment, automatic brightness adjustment, template adjustment, etc.

    • Monitoring of LED display (temperature, humidity, Flue gas, brightness, etc.), cabinet monitoring (temperature, humidity,Flue gas, Fan, voltage, open point-by-point detection, etc.) and monitoring record viewing function.

    • Supports screen-by-point fine-tuning correction.

    • Support LED display test function, including gray scale test, grid test, flower point test, color strip test, positioning Test, frame change frequency test, etc.

    • Support various devices for remote upgrade, USB cable, LAN, WIFI multiple control methods.

    • Simple interface design and more convenient operation process.