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Master STD
3D Noise Reduction | Defogging Technology | Sharpening Technology | Saturation Adjustment | Contrast Processing
CHROMALED Master STD is a professional-grade LED display controller that combines the experience of CHROMALED many years of ChromaLED team. It is developed and launched with patented technology. It also has powerful video processing functions in addition to display control, and has a very rich video. Interface, high color depth display, large capacity, and high-quality image processing and flexible control, greatly meet the needs of rental, stage, advertising media, monitoring room, TV station and other industries.

Excellent color performance

  • 24Bit Processing Color Depth
  • High refresh frame rate, up to 120 Hz
  • Extensive gamut space standard: Rec.2020
  • Non-destructive low-gray-level display: no flower screen and color bias in low-gray-level display

Leading Image Processing

Leading Image Processing Technologies: Sharpening, Saturation and Contrast Processing

Ordinary sharpening
Master STD sharpening
Ordinary saturation
Master STD saturation
General Contrast
Master STD contrast ratio
Crisp Enhancement Improve color saturation Enhance the contrast between light and shade

Super loading capacity

Maximum support for custom EDID 2048X1152@60Hz

Supporting HD Video Interface

Support DVI Loop Output

Video interface includes: DVI, HDMI;

Multitask offline operation

Support offline monitoring, upgrade, fast screen connection, parameter sending

Quick off-line adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation and other tasks

technical specifications

Input index
port Number Specifications
DVI-I 1 VESA standard, 2048X1152@60Hz, supports HDCP
HDMI 1 HDMI-1.4, 2048X1152@60Hz, supports HDCP
Output index
GigE 4 Four Gigabit Network output, maximum support 1080P
DVI-I 1 VESA standard, 2048X1152@60Hz, supports HDCP
control interface
Rear panel USB 2 IN: Connecting with PC or the last one
OUT: Cascade Next, USB2.0 Protocol
Front panel USB 1 USB2.0 protocol, USB device import system
parameter file, PC communication
Overall specification
Input power supply100-240V AC,50/60A 0.5A
Overall power consumption25W
working temperature-20°~50°
Working humidity30%~90%