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3D Noise Reduction | Defogging Technology | Sharpening Technology | Saturation Adjustment | Contrast Processing
Master PREMIUM is a professional-grade LED display controller that combines the experience of CHROMALED many years of ChromaLED team. It is developed and launched with patented technology. It also has powerful video processing functions in addition to display control, and is very rich. Video interface, high color depth display, large capacity, and high-quality image processing and flexible control, greatly meet the needs of rental, stage, advertising media, monitoring room, TV station and other industries.

Excellent display technology

Extended gamut space standard:Rec.2020; High color depth:8bit、10bit、12bit High refresh frame rate, up to 120 Hz; Perfect seamless stitching: eliminating bright and dark lines; Non-destructive low-gray display: low-gray without flower screen, color bias;

Leading Image Processing

Leading image processing technology: 3D noise reduction, fog removal, sharpening, saturation, contrast processing; Quick custom image zooming function; Support HDCP digital content protection protocol;

Rich Video Interface

Video input interfaces include: DVI, HDMI, DP, SDI; Support DP, SDI loop output; It has GenLock input and loop-out interface to provide synchronization for professional control.

Super loading capacity

4K large resolution: 3840X2160@30Hz; Maximum support for custom EDID 2048X1152@60Hz;

Flexible operation mode

Quick off-line adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation and other tasks; Support offline monitoring, upgrade, fast screen connection, parameter sending;

Front panel

Rear Panel