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Master 4K
3D Noise Reduction | Defogging Technology | Sharpening Technology | Saturation Adjustment | Contrast Processing
CHROMALED Master 4K is an ultra-professional LED display controller. This video controller adopts an ultra-thin and ultra-light design with only 1U appearance. It also has a very rich video interface, high color depth display, and 9.4 million extra large bands. The load capacity is 4096X2304@60Hz, and also with 4K HDR more advanced image processing technology, which greatly meets the needs of many industries such as rental, stage, advertising media, monitoring room, TV station and so on.

Compatible with REC.2020 standard color gamut

  • The ChromaLED controller and video processor are compatible with the Rec.2020 standard. Rec.2020 is a series of international television broadcasting standards. It was first introduced in 2012, which specifies the standards of UHDTV (UHD 4K and UHD 8K), including UHD resolution, 12-bit deep color, HDR, fast frame rate and the widest color range.

HDR10 advanced image processing technology

High dynamic range images (HDR) can provide more dynamic range and image details than ordinary images, which can enhance picture quality, make colors more vivid, and details more clear.

Ordinary sharpening
Master 4K sharpening
Ordinary saturation
Master 4K saturation
General Contrast
Master 4K contrast ratio
Ordinary Screen
Master 4K HDR
Crisp Enhancement Improve color saturation Enhance contrast ratio 4K HDR

Super loading capacity

9.4 million super large loading capacity 4096X2304@60Hz, can be self-defined to support up to the widest or the highest output up to 8188 pixels.

Rich video interface

Video Input:2* HDMI 2.0、1* DP1.4;

Video Output:1* HDMI2.0, 2* 10G Optical Ports;

With Genlock input and output interface.

technical specifications

Input index
Maximum Resolution 4096X2304@60Hz
Load Capacity 940W
GigE 16
Video Input DP1.4 x 1、HDMI2.0 x 2
Video Output HDMI2.0 x 1、10G Optical Ports x 2
USB Control Method USB、LAN、WIFI
Processing Depth 8bit、10bit、12bit
GenLock Interface Support
Video Scaling support
Image Processing support
Input Power 100-240V AC~50/60Hz
Dimensions 483x341x56mm
Net Weight 2.8Kg